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Well, Hellooo 2018!

I'd forgotten how lovely it was to have January roll around and realize that you have a book coming out that year.

So much has happened since Valiant released in 2015: Egmont USA closed, I traveled around the world, I sold my second novel, I moved, I got married . . . and now here we are at 2018 with my retelling of Six Swans on the horizon. 

Here are some of the details: 

  • The release date has been moved from Spring '18 to October 1, 2018. (See wonderful craziness above for the delay.)

  • The title has been changed to Flight of Swans.

  • No cover yet, alas. But soon!

And here's the updated synopsis of Flight of Swans:

Princess Andaryn's six older brothers have always been her protectors—until her father takes a new Queen, a frightening, mysterious woman from the forest who quickly enchants the men in the royal family. When Ryn’s attempt to break the enchantment fails, she makes a bitter bargain: the Queen will spare her brothers’ lives if she remains silent for six years.

Ryn believes she freed her brothers with her bargain. She never thought the Queen would turn her brothers into six black swans. She never thought she’d have to discover the secret to undoing the Queen’s spell while eluding the Otherworldly forces that hunt her. And she never imagined that she’d have to do it alone, without speaking a single word.

As months and years go by, Ryn learns there is more to courage than speech . . . and she proves that this daughter of the House of Cynwrig is stronger than the Queen could have ever imagined.

Based on a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, “Six Swans,” Flight of Swans follows Ryn's journey to save her family and reclaim their kingdom.

There's so much that I love about this story: the heroine who is determined to save her family . . . her wonderful and crazy and annoying older brothers . . . black swans . . . a broody hen . . . a fabulous hero (because only hens should be broody) . . . and stinging nettles*.

There's lots to talk about in the coming months, and I have tons of questions for you! But I'll save that for another post.

Until soon, Sarah

*I learned so much about stinging nettles! And they are awesome. 

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